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Sebastian Ingrosso and his burgeoning label Refune have become synonymous with bringing young talent through the ranks and turning them into forces within the scene, so when they signed up young Swedish talent Otto Knows, you would have been right to expect big things. Now, Casablanca Records is proud to bring the young prodigy’s music to audiences here in the U.S.

Since originally surfacing in February of last year, Otto Knows’ debut release “Million Voices” has traced an exponentially upward trajectory that is yet to show any sign of slowing down as we embark upon a new year. Following heavy support from the Swedish House Mafia camp’s close circle, it spread across the length and breadth of the EDM world, quickly becoming a ubiquitous summer anthem from Ibiza to Miami and being named by the biggest names in dance music across the board.

Continuing to receive widespread attention, it climbed the top 10 in the Shazam chart and was added to the playlist at Radio 1 in the UK, reaching a surge of new fans with each airing. It has since gone gold in in Holland, Belgium and the producer’s native Sweden, while Otto Knows was recently named one of international tastemaker Pete Tong’s ‘Young Stars.’

With its lush synths, immensely infectious vocal harmonies and huge drop, “Million Voices” has all the hallmarks of a future classic and signals the arrival of a new producer who you can be sure will be bringing a lot more to the table across the global dance floor for the foreseeable future.

Continuing to blaze a path through the music world, Otto Knows has now unveiled the official video for “Million Voices.” Taking the instantly recognizable vocal harmonies as its cue, a technicolor collage of real, projected and animated mouths come together in a beautiful, hedonistic chant to the night.

About Otto Knows:

With a background firmly rooted in the vibrant underground of his home country, Otto Jettman’s youth spent sneaking into nightclubs soon escalated into a deep love first for DJing and not long later, production. With his rapid ascent through the ranks it was not long before his prodigious talents were noticed by hometown legend and Refune label boss Sebastian Ingrosso. Taking him under his wing, things have accelerated at breakneck speed ever since. With “Million Voices” setting a new standard for breakthrough debut records and a hectic international touring schedule stretching out in front of him, the road ahead looks to be one of impending success for Otto Knows.

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