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Posted 1 year ago
Martin Garrix’s “Animals” is an EDM Game Changer

Martin Garrix’s “Animals” is an EDM Game Changer

Billboard's Top 50 Game-Changing EDM Tracks of 2013.

“When a track gets the world’s attention, when it changes an artist’s career forever or drives an entire genre forward, when it has staying power or brings a whole new audience to dance music, it’s a gamechanger.” – Billboard

And that’s why it’s no surprise that Billboard featured Martin Garrix’s “Animals” at #5 on their list of the “Top 50 Game-Changing EDM Tracks of 2013.” Throughout 2013, “Animals” has been heard at every festival and every club played by the biggest DJs. It’s even been heard on TV in EA Sport’s Madden 25 commercial. It’s been a HUGE year for young Martin Garrix as the world took notice of his obvious talent. And it only goes up from here!

Read the full feature here and if you haven’t already you can download “Animals” here.

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