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Seven Lions Design Contest: The Winners

Seven Lions Design Contest: The Winners

At the start of his massive 3 month tour with Krewella, Seven Lions asked his fans to bust out their creativity to design a tour poster for him on Talent House.  2 months and 72 fantastic entries later, the votes are in!

The Winner: Jason Edmunds


About the design:

I knew I wanted to draw an image with a strong atmosphere, that created a sense of scale, of power, as well as capture the ethereal and beautiful nature of Seven Lions’ music. 

‘Days to Come’ was of particular inspiration to me. The chilled ethereal female vocals sound so pure, so other worldly, and this coupled with the echoing earthy tones build connotations of landscapes untouched, nature at its finest. Those moments where you can just stop in awe and appreciate how beautiful the world is. Sunlight breaking through cloud, mountain tops soaring over head, until you’re in the heavens. The sublime.

Then the bass drops, accentuating the power of everything around us, a violent wind, an explosion, the birth of a star in a far away universe.

This is what I tried to capture in my final image. 

The image is hand drawn using the photograph provided as portraiture reference, then scanned and digitally painted. 

The People’s Choice: “TEAR IT” by Arjun Madaiah


View all the entries here.

Download ‘Strangers’ here.


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