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DJ Mag Gets the Scoop on Tiesto’s Legend Award

DJ Mag Gets the Scoop on Tiesto’s Legend Award

If asked who you think the best DJ of the last 20 years is, who would you say? According to DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs poll, it’s Tiesto!

Last month, during the annual Amsterdam Dance Event, Tiesto was crowned with the Top 100 DJs Legend Award.

DJ Mag caught up with Tiesto to discuss his award, his views on the ever changing dance music scene and his place in it.

On his award:
“I’m incredibly honoured, it’s a great achievement I think, for me it’s a nice award to get after all these years of hard work — to get the recognition form the readers of DJ Mag and from people around the world. It’s a great honour.”

On his evolving sound:
“The main chunk is electro-house, with a lot of hard drops, but I like all kinds of music so sometimes I drop one or two deep house tracks in my set or go to one or two tracks of hardstyle at the end. It’s just fun to catch people off guard a little bit, instead of just going the same route.

That’s another reason why I changed my style. Trance was always eight or nine minute tracks, it was like a six-hour journey, and this is more shorter sets of two or three hours – fast-paced, different tracks every couple of minutes. It’s a new excitement for me – it’s a different world.”

Read the entire interview here.

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