December 16th, 2015

10 Songs That Blew Up on Vine in 2015

10 Songs That Blew Up on Vine in 2015

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From “Why You Always Lying” to “Hotline Bling”

Vine has become more than just a video-sharing platform for comedic teens; in the last two years, the app has proven to be music’s secret weapon. When a song hits the right note with Vine-users, it has the potential to become a huge hit or even further establish its chart dominance. One of the platform’s biggest stories is the pop-star breakout of teen Viner Shawn Mendes, who found himself with a Number One hit this summer after gaining traction with the covers he posted on the app. In the spirit of his success, here are 10 individual tunes that ruled Vine across the year and served as the perfect soundtrack to a series of creative short clips.

Dawin, “Dessert”
Dawin has found incredible success via Vine with not only this year’s “Dessert,” but also last year’s “Just Girly Things.” “Dessert” has gained particular traction with its sugary-sweet lyrics and bubbly drop in the middle of the chorus. Recalling the similarly meme-able drop in Baauer’s pre-Vine “Harlem Shake,” “Dessert” has launched a collection of dance-friendly recreations, like the one by brothers Logan and Jake Paul with special guest George Janko in a gingerbread-man bodysuit.